The network of IP Transit has been built from scratch and is designed for the lowest latencies, fewest hops, reliability and stable round trip times.

IP Transit Networks provide a Multihomed IP-transit service providing the best route selection for your destination to the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, offering carrier-grade service to telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP); users demanding high-quality performance and connectivity into the Internet.

Peerex Networks provides access ports ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps with market-leading levels of flexibility and the option to provision burstable ports to cater for any unplanned increases in bandwidth. Suitable for bandwidth-hungry applications.

IP Transit is for you if:
• You require additional Internet bandwidth.
• You are looking for a higher level of SLA.
• Your business is expanding and requires global connectivity.
• You wish to dissolve your commitment to your existing network provider.

Key benefits:
• Reliable, high quality Internet connectivity.
• Competitive pricing model; decreased financial risks associated with multiple supplier contracts.
• Flexible charging options: flat rate or burstable usage basis.
• Flexible Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities for traffic engineering.
• Connect seamlessly to multiple IP backbones, suppliers and peers.
• Simplify ISP network extension and multi-homing.
• Lowers cost of keeping vital infrastructure up and running 24/7.

• 99.00% SLA.
• BGP4, IPv6 and IP assignments available.
• Proactive technical support and 24/7 monitoring.
• Access to numerous Tier 1 IP transit providers.
• Customer service portal with real-time bandwidth monitoring.